Oster Elementary School

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Message from Mrs. Taormina

It's starting to look and feel like fall! Here are some things families can do to prepare for the rain forecasted for this week.

  • Leave a few minutes earlier in the morning because more families will be driving to school if it rains.
  • Make sure your child comes to school with a jacket as we will be eating outside when it's cold and playing outside when there is a light sprinkle.
  • Write students' names or initials on jackets, hats, and umbrellas.
  • Place umbrellas and rain jackets near the door or in the car. If your child is going to use an umbrella please go over how to open it and carry it safely.
  • Have your child have their jackets on before getting in the car to leave for school. That way, you are not holding up traffic in the drop-off zone when trying to get their jacket on.

We are excited to share we can now have a limited number of volunteers on campus: Art Vistas, Project Cornerstone, and someone to help with the copy room. If you are interested in getting involved and helping our school, please visit Oster's HSC page to sign up to be a much needed volunteer. https://osterhsc.membershiptoolkit.com/



On rainy days, we will continue to have as many students eat outdoors as possible (we do have covered spaces). However, depending on how rainy, cold, and windy it is, we may have students eating and playing indoors. Below are the guidelines:

Rainy Day COVID Guidelines (Recess and lunch indoors)


  1. Students will wear their masks and ONLY remove masks during eating and drinking.
  2. A time limit of 13 minutes for eating will be set if eating indoors. Physical distancing as practicable. Students do not necessarily need to eat at their desks.

  3. Older students are taught to replace their masks when not actively eating.

  4. Students with allergies will be accommodated per current school protocols.

  5. Covered areas outdoors with a table will be utilized if available.

  6. Masks must remain on when having indoor recess after lunch.