Oster Elementary School

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Penguin Patch Shop

H&SC will be hosting the Penguin Patch Holiday shop from Dec. 10th-Dec. 14th. Students will be able to shop during recess and lunch based on their grade. A flyer with pricing information will go home next week. The shop will also be open on December 14th at the Winter Wonderland Holiday Party from 6-8 p.m. H&SC will be needing help so please contact osterhsc@gmail.com if you are able to volunteer or if you have any questions.


Monday, December 10th will be the shopping day for 1st grade students.

Tuesday, December 11th will be the shopping day for 2nd grade students.

Wednesday, December 12 will be the shopping day for 3rd grade students.

Thursday, December 13th will be the shopping day for 4th grade students.

Friday, December 14th will be the shopping day for 5th grade students.


H&SC will make arrangements with the kindergarten teachers to bring their students in and each teacher will let their families know the date and time.